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MolyMedSupplies Scissors

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MolyMed Supplies Exclusive!! 

These limited Edition scissors created by Coopers care UK! 


  • Healthcare and Veteirnary Scissors
  • Patient Safe
  • Infection Control Compliant
  • Multi Patient Use

Coopers Care UK

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, United Kingdom

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 Ideal for every medical professional in order to safely remove dressings and clothes in planned care and emergencies.  Fits well in uniform pockets or your favourite pocket organiser! Patient skin safe rounded blade tips to avoid any accident or injury to the patient or user.  Size end to end: 5'5 inch.   Metal: Stainless steal. Infection control safe. Can be cleaned using 70% alachol wipes or put into a decontamination steraliser.  CUSTOMER NOTICE: Please handle with care scissors are sharp and may cause injury.


Limited edition: MolyMed Supplies Stethocope Pattern. 

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