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*As featured in Vet Times & VN Times*

Katie graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2012, and went on to gain a certificate in internal medicine shortly after. Despite all external achievements, she felt very much undeserving, and the more successful that she became, the more self-doubt she experienced. She didn't know at that point that this could be termed imposter syndrome, She felt to be the only one who experienced this, and nobody was talking. Through her own journey of self-development and external help, she realised she definitely was not alone, and she wanted to open conversations. She trained as a coach, studied cognitive behaviour therapy, and became fascinated by preventative mindset strategies and helping those in the profession to value themselves. She started to post content online, and grew a 17,000 strong social media following in the profession, with people regularly sharing her tips, messages and anecdotes. She has spoken on a wide variety of stages, including a keynote for the BVNA Congress 2020. Reminding vet staff of their value is a topic that she is hugely passionate about, especially in an industry with such mental health concerns.

So many people were sharing Katie's content regularly, that she realised there was a gap in the market for a heartfelt keepsake and reminder to pass to a colleague or a client to a vet. Her social presence helped her to spread the word too. She created a short 34 page long gift book, full of reassurance of what a tremendous skillset vets and nurses have, and how valuable they are. She says "these are the words I wish someone gave to me at the start of my career."

Due to popular demand, there is now a vet, vet nurse, vet receptionist, healthcare worker and vet student version available.

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