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Funky Scrubs® was founded by three women who saw a problem they wanted to solve. The collaboration of Jo, Lyndsey and Emily is based on friendship, sliding door moments and perfect timing. 


Lyndsey Price - an SPMU artist who owns her own successful laser clinic in Oxfordshire and is a co-founder of Grass Roots Skin®. 

Jo - a HIFU specialist and trainer who owns a private clinic in Cheshire specialising in advanced Beauty and is co-founder of Grass Roots Skin®.

Emily - has an extensive background as a Practice Manager and Executive Assistant based in Melbourne, Australia. 


Lyndsey and Jo had worked together for 4 years in the advanced beauty industry. After becoming fast friends, they then embarked on a business venture together in early 2020 and launched the UK’s first cosmeceutical CBD skincare range, Grass Roots Skin®, which took the beauty industry by storm. 

 When they were due to go back to work after the second UK lockdown in April 2021, Lyndsey suggested the clinic team all wear scrubs. Jo wasn’t convinced as they all seemed so ugly and the only brand that were stylish came from America. Reluctant to buy from the US, Jo made it her mission to find stylish scrubs in the UK. There were none. Nothing at all. 

Jo realised that there was a gap in the UK market so she made a phone call to Lyndsey and pitched the idea. There was a problem and it was one that they could solve. They could design their own range of stylish scrubs and sell them right here from the UK. By the end of that day the beginning of Funky Scrubs® was formed. A new and fresh brand of medical workwear and scrubs, made from 4-way stretch antimicrobial fabric for the medical, veterinary, dental, optical and beauty industries.

As this was happening, over in Australia, Emily resigned from her role as Practice Manager for Medical and Allied Healthcare. Jo and Emily had formed a strong friendship when they met in 1997. The friendship had stood the test of time despite the distance and they holidayed together almost every year since meeting. 

The timing was perfect, Emily was looking to do something new, she was ready to jump into something exciting. Funky Scrubs® was exciting. Australia also had the same lack of stylish scrubs so she jumped right in and the partnership between the three was formed. 

Endless zoom meetings for design, manufacturing, branding, packaging, web design and all the bits in between then ensued. Early mornings and late nights to cover the time difference became part of daily life. 


The three business partners share a combined passion to make Funky Scrubs® the first choice of stylish medical workwear for the United Kingdom and Australia (and beyond!). After recognising the gap in the market, they have set out to not only fill that gap but to ensure they do it responsibly. 

They each have an ethical approach to business and the world we live in. Everything possible within the business is sustainable and aims to protect the environment. They run a mainly paperless business and donate a percentage of their profits to charity along with fundraising year-round. 

If you would like to know more about Funky Scrubs® , our founders or our nominated charity, please get in touch. We operate a business of transparency and are always open to suggestions of where we can improve. 

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