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  1. A gift guide to alleviate gift giving.

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  2. MolyMed Supplies Christmas Gift Guide

    MolyMed Supplies Christmas Gift Guide


     It's the most wonderful time of the year. With hearts glowing, and loved ones near. 


    But there are two words that can strike fear straight into my heart. 

    Secret Santa.


    Anyone else? Or just me? 

    Usually, with names drawn out of a hat (or often a poo bag in the veterinary world), you really could get anyone’s name, and often you feel like you have to join in. 


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  3. Vet Student Reflection Blog

    Abbie Williams

    To sit back and reflect on the last year and a half as a vet student studying and working through the pandemic has been gratifying and equally disconcerting. I’ve seen first-hand the effect that the pandemic has had on various practices on EMS and experienced the highs and lows in my own workplace. 

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  4. Tough Times


    The thing that got me through was the emotional support of my colleagues, we all need to have a cry, a scream and some 'me time' sometimes and the practice really rallied together to make our 'me times

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  5. Being a student nurse during a pandemic. My personal experience.


    My final placement was in a respiratory ward. This was around the time the vaccines started having a massive impact on the cases and deaths. I felt hopeful that this could be the beginning of the end! But the thing with healthcare is that, it never just stops. 

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  6. Reflections of my RVN journey


    COVID-19 has made a HUGE impact on every single aspect of our lives. We may feel like we
    can never go back to the way things were for a long time.


    If you take anything away from this post it is that you are never alone. Even in your darkest
    moments, there is always someone there holding their hand out to help you, take it and don’t let

    We are all here for you no matter what!

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  7. Hi my name is Becka, the owner of Special Tokens, and my husband is an NHS  frontline hero.  

    Special Tokens

    Like many others, we are an NHS family.  And like every other NHS family, we didn’t get to see our loved one for weeks on  end.  

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  8. VetYogi Quiz: Which yoga pose should you do based on your current mood?


    Take a couple of minutes to take this short and easy quiz, aimed to encourage you to check in with yourself, with a bonus yoga pose at the end!

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  9. To an amazing vet


    As a consequence of many authentic and vulnerable posts, I gained a following of over 17,000 people across all social
    media channels as @katiefordvet; I guess you could say that I became an accidental influencer.

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  10. Being a Student Vet Nurse through a Global Pandemic.

    Georgia SVN

    Being a student veterinary nurse during a pandemic has been one of the hardest struggles I will likely face during my career. I was in my second year of university during my placement year when the first lockdown began. I was sent home from placement with 500 hours to complete and no idea how or when I was going to do them.

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